Monday, March 7, 2022

Research Update (March 7, 2022)


Research Update (March 7, 2022)


Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee


Winter meeting season neared the end with a series of meetings a little closer to home.  We were at the Cotton and Rice Conservation Tillage Conference in Jonesboro, AR.  We attended the Tennessee Ag Production Association and Cotton Focus meetings in Jackson and finished off the month at the Gin Show in Memphis.  We enjoyed catching up with many of our friends from the area and look forward to seeing them in the field this summer.



Preparations are now underway for wheat trials this spring as we begin to mark trials and cut alleys.  We still have room for a few wheat fungicide and herbicide trials if you have the need.

We are also getting ready for spring burndown season.  We normally have good populations of horseweed, chickweed, henbit, poa, and cutleaf eveningprimrose to work with.  Let us know and we will reserve you a spot before the weeds get removed for summer trials.



We are ending the year with a flurry of activity in the greenhouse.  As winter is winding down, we seem to be at our busiest this year.  We have a variety of row crops in testing (corn, soybean, cotton) as well as an abundance of vegetables (tomato, squash, etc.).  To add a little more variety to the mix, we are doing turf and soil lysimeter trials this year.

We are getting late into our planned window for the greenhouse to stay open, but we might still be able to work in a quick trial if you need it.  Let us know.



Temperatures have been seasonal to mild with quite a bit of rainfall mixed in.  The frequent rains have made it difficult to get some of our early season activities (soil sampling, wheat fertilization and maintenance, etc.) done as early as we might like, but we will manage as we always do.  At least we should be starting the season with good moisture in the soil.



The pest active now are largely limited to winter annual weeds covering most of our fields.  We have picked up a few aphids in the greenhouse, and I bet we will find a few on the wheat as we make maintenance applications this month.  Otherwise, I expect things to be pretty quiet until we start putting crops in the ground.


As we near the start of another growing season, we anticipate working with each of you on your projects this year and seeing you out in the fields this summer.  Please let us know how we can work with you in the coming months.

Tim, Kevin, John Louis


Proverbs 12:27

… the substance of the diligent man is precious.

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