Monday, December 8, 2014

Research Update (December 8, 2014)

Diligence Technologies, Inc., West Tennessee


I look forward to catching up with many of you at the regional meetings this winter.  Our January meeting calendar looks like this:

Beltwide Cotton Conf. (San Antonio, TX, Jan. 5-7)
NAICC (Reno, NV, Jan. 21-24)
SWSS (Savannah, GA, Jan. 26-28)

Please let me know if you will be attending any of these meetings and would like to set up a time to discuss whatever is on your mind.


The past season is all but "in the books" with regard to harvest and data reporting.

We do have some winter wheat trials underway from our fall planting, but progress on those has been very slow.  We were hit by cold weather in November that just slowed everything down.  Some of the counts and ratings we would normally take at 7 or 14 days after planting have been delayed to about a month after planting due to very slow germination and emergence.  On the positive side, everything seems to have survived and all our trials are moving forward.

We do have some extra wheat planted for use with wheat fungicide trials and similar trials this spring.  Let me know if have any of those coming and we will save you a spot.

Greenhouse work is also getting underway so we will have a warm place to hide on those cold winter days.  Let me know if you have any screens or testing that you might want done this winter in the greenhouse.


Thanks so much to each of you that sent trials our way over the past season.  We are very blessed that you allowed us to be part of your research program.  We wish you all a great Christmas and a wonderful 2015.

Proverbs 21:5
The thoughts of the diligent tend only to plenteousness.