Sunday, November 5, 2023

Research Update (November 6, 2023)


Research Update (November 6, 2023)


Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee


Harvest continues at its normal (meaning slow) pace.  All the yielded corn trials are out and final reports are being issued.  Soybean and cotton harvest continues as we near the end of trials conducted this summer.

Wheat planting was slowed by lack of moisture, but we finally did manage to get it in the ground ahead of one of the few rains we have had this fall.  Fall burndown trials are also running late as we waited for moisture to get some of the winter annuals out of the ground.

All in all, it has not been a bad fall and we look forward to moving out of the field and transitioning to our winter greenhouse projects.



As we near the end of the year, we are making plans for winter meetings.  Right now we plan to attend the following:

NCWSS, Minneapolis, MN, Dec. 11-14

NAICC, San Antonio, TX, Jan. 15-19

SWSS/WSSA, San Antonio, TX, Jan. 22-24

West TN Grain Conf., Dyersburg, TN, Feb. 1

Cotton Focus, Jackson, TN, Feb. 7

Gin Show, Memphis, TN, Mar. 1-2


We may add a few more to the list as time allows.



Wheat is planted and just beginning to emerge.  We have a bit more spraying to do on fall burndown trials.  And of course, we need to finish up harvest on soybean and cotton trials.

We will have some extra wheat available if you decide to run postemergence trials this fall or next spring.  Just let us know.



The greenhouse is open and initial trials are underway with more to start in the coming week.  Now is a great time to let us know if you have any greenhouse projects in mind for this winter.



In a nice change from last year, we had pretty good moisture all through the spring and summer.  September and October were very dry which is great for harvest but made wheat planting difficult.  With wheat in the ground and enough moisture to get it going, we hope for a bit more dry weather to finish off the harvest season.


Thanks to all that have helped keep us busy over the past summer and we look forward to working with you on greenhouse projects this winter.  Please call if we can be of service.

Tim, John Louis, Jake, Will, & Jim


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