Monday, January 6, 2020

Research Update (January 6, 2020)

Research Update (January 6, 2020)

Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee

As we kick off a new year, greenhouse work continues to increase, meeting season moves into high gear, and plans begin for another season.  We are very thankful for the past trial year, but this is the point in the cycle where it really hits home that it is time to start all over again.

Call us with your greenhouse projects.  Look us up at the winter meetings to talk about your plans for the summer.  And start putting the finishing touches on those spring wheat and burndown trials (it will be time to head back to the field before you know it).  We look forward to another great year of helping you with your research projects.


Many thanks to our friends at the North Central Weed Science Society for making the meeting in Columbus such a great experience.  If we missed you there, never fear.  We have a full slate of meetings scheduled and look forward to catching up with you over the next couple of months.  Here is a summary of what we currently have on the calendar:

NAICC (Jan. 22-25, San Antonio, TX)
SWSS (Jan. 27-29, Biloxi, MS)
Cotton & Rice Conference (Jan. 30-31, Memphis, TN)
Grain Conference (Feb. 6, Dyersburg, TN)
TN Ag Production Association (Feb. 12, Jackson, TN)
Cotton Focus (Feb. 13, Jackson, TN)
Gin Show (Feb. 28-29, Memphis, TN)
WSSA (Mar. 2-5, Maui, HI)


Things are quiet in the field right now as you would expect.  We have a few projects that run through the winter, but even those are mostly put to bed except for the occasional rating.  Hard to imagine that it all will change in a couple of short months from now.  And even though things get busy in a hurry, I can assure you that the warmer temperatures and time outside are always welcome in the spring.  The winter wheat appears to be in good shape for now, and we should have a good crop of burndown weeds to get the season started.


The diversity of crops and pests we work with in the greenhouse is always fascinating.  I got a call from a long-time friend recently asking if we could grow a wide assortment of vegetable crops for an upcoming trial.  The thing that made the call memorable to me was that we had grown them all before.  With every different crop he would name, we gave him a reply that was some version of “yep, we’ve done that”.  When I get some “free time”, I need to look back and put together a list of crops, pests, and trial types that have come through the greenhouse.  For now, just allow me to say that if you are looking for a weed or two, there is a good chance we can grow it.  Bugs can be a little harder to come by at this time of year, but we will do what we can.  And as for crops of various kinds, there is a good chance you will hear something like “yep, we’ve done that”.  Give us a try and find out.


The early part of winter has been generally mild with plenty of moisture.  As mentioned above, this should be good news for both winter wheat and winter weeds for burndown trials.  That said, we still have at least two more months before things really start to “wake up” for the spring.

As always, we wish you and your family all the best in coming year.  Let us know what we can do to make your burden a little lighter.

Proverbs 12:27

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