Monday, March 4, 2019

Research Update (March 4, 2019)

Research Update (March 4, 2019)
 Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee

February was a busy month.  Our meeting stops included:

Southern Weed Science Society (Oklahoma City)
West Tennessee Grain Conference (Dyersburg)
Cotton Focus (Jackson)
Tennessee Ag Production Association (Jackson)
Gin Show (Memphis)

We had a great month of catching up with old friends and planning for new season of research trials.  If we have not had the opportunity to start planning your trials for the coming year, give us a call and we'll be glad include you in the program.


As meeting season comes to a close, field work starts to pick up.  March tends to be a transition month in Tennessee.  Our winter greenhouse work is still going strong this month and our field work is generally limited to wheat trials and burndown work.  But this is the month where we start to realize that winter is letting go and planting is just around the corner.


We did manage to spray a few wheat plots with a backpack in February, but it was difficult to do much past that.  The fields generally remain too wet for equipment (and often have been to wet to walk on).  We are still looking for a little window to do wheat maintenance sprays and fertilization.  Burndown trials will begin in March and we appear to have a good crop of weeds to work with.  We still have time to slide in a few more burndown trials if you have the need.


While things are slow in the field, growing conditions in the greenhouse remain perfect.  Things remain busy as we finish off the early trials and begin a few later ones.  As usual, we have once again expanded the range of things we have done in the greenhouse to include new crops, products, and application methods.  As strange as it seems, we will only have the greenhouse open for a couple more months (give or take), so consider this to be "last call" for any greenhouse work you might have this season.


The only word you need to know about our weather for the past month (or the past four months for that matter) is "wet".  We have already received more that twice the rain we received to this point last year.  With the cooler temperatures and limited sunshine, we have had very little opportunity for things to dry out.  Like everyone else in west Tennessee, we are looking forward to some warm, sunny days in March to dry things out and get things going in earnest.


Other than winter weeds (of which we have plenty), there is not a lot to discuss in the way of pest pressure.  Aphids in wheat, while usually present, have not been a major issue for us so far this season.  However, look for wheat foliar diseases to start making their annual appearance this month and next.  If you are in need of a foliar disease trial in wheat, we should have you covered.

We are again thankful for all the friends and customers we have visited with over the past few months.  It is one of the truly enjoyable parts of the job.  We look forward to another great year and ask that you let us know how we can serve you in the coming season.

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