Saturday, July 15, 2017

Research Update (July 15, 2017)

Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee


We have spent a good portion of the past couple of months trying to catch up on trial establishment.  Frequent showers meant that we had few full weeks to get things done, so we have been working where and when we can.  As a result, trial establishment was farther behind than in any year in recent memory.  Several trials had to replanted due to excessive moisture with a few even requiring three or four attempts before we finally got a good stand.  As always, the crew (Jesse, Kevin, and Jackson) did a heroic job of making sure everything got done.


Wheat is almost over for this season.  We are finishing up post-harvest data collection (seed weights, etc.) at present.  Disease pressure was pretty good in the fungicide trials and you could see the benefits of a well-timed foliar application.

We have corn trials at almost every imaginable growth stage.  Planting dates on yielded trials range anywhere from mid-April to mid-May.  Our later trials (generally fungicide trials planted intentionally late to increase disease pressure) are just beginning to enter the reproductive phase and corn fungicide applications will begin in mass next week.

Applications will also begin soon in soybean fungicide trials.  Applications at R1 will likely be next week with R3 applications a couple of weeks later.

Cotton trials began the year very slowly.  With excessive moisture and reduced amounts of heat and sunshine, the cotton struggled to get a good start.  Stands were sometimes thin and the crop in general was less than impressive.  The good news is that growth has improved substantially with the increased heat and sunshine over the past month.  It is finally time to break out the growth regulator and try to slow things down just a bit.


The greenhouse is officially closed for the summer which is a good thing.  The greenhouse is heated which makes it a great place to work during the winter.  However, the cooling fans can only do so much in summer and it is difficult to find volunteers to go in there in July.

Keep us in mind for your greenhouse needs later this fall.  We should have it back in operation in October.


Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a visit so far this spring.  However, with trial establishment slower than normal, much of the prime viewing time for plots is still to come.  Several tours have been rescheduled for a little later in the season.  As always, just let us know when you will be in the area.  We always enjoy getting to spend time with friends.


Preemergence weed control has been generally good this spring as frequent showers allowed for herbicide activation in the soil.  Postemergence herbicide injury has been above normal as crops had little opportunity to “harden off” during the early spring.  Even our normal maintenance applications tended to show burn on the foliage.  Probably not a significant issue, but it does not help make the plots look good.

Disease activity is still pretty low right now in the fungicide trials.  It usually takes a while for grey leaf spot in corn and frogeye leaf spot in soybeans to build and the crops are still relatively young.  For those wanting to look at fungicide trials, late August has traditionally been a good time for viewing.

Insect pressure has been fairly light this year with the exception of thrips on cotton.  However, we generally have some excellent opportunities to test insecticides on late-planted soybeans.  Let us know if you need a late bug trial and we will work something out.

We are very thankful to those who have sent trials our way so far this season.  We still have some ground available for an evaluation late this summer or early fall.  I tell folks all the time that it is a rare September that we do not plant a few corn or soybean trials.  Just let us know how we can be of service.

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