Monday, December 4, 2017

Research Update (December 4, 2017)

Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee

We have said many times that in a good year we finish up harvest by Halloween and in a slow year we finish at Thanksgiving.  This was a slow year.  Frequent rain showers stretched out soybean harvest a bit longer than we anticipated, but we finally have everything out of the fields and the reports from last summer finalized.

Wheat planting has finished up and we are doing a little maintenance on the wheat heading into winter.

A few sprays remain on some late winter annual weed control trials, but we should have those wrapped up pretty soon.

In short, the field work for this year is slowing down as we transition to mostly greenhouse work over the winter.

Our winter meeting season will "officially" kick off with the North Central Weed Science Society meeting in St. Louis on December 4-7.

Other meeting we have on the schedule in January include:

Beltwide Cotton Conferences (JAN 3-5, San Antonio)
NAICC (JAN 17-20, Tucson)
SWSS (JAN 22-24, Atlanta)

As always, let us know where you plan to be this winter.  We look forward to catching up and planning for next season.

This year's round of maintenance is complete at the greenhouse.  The grow lights, heat, and irrigation are running.  A few pots have already been planted and we are shifting much more of our time and attention to greenhouse trials.

Now is a great time to let us know if you are considering generating some data in the greenhouse this winter.  We have several months and lots of space to work with, so let us know how we can be of service.

We were glad to see Eric Melton (Indigo) on a late-season stop to check the progress of his winter trials.  Look forward to having him back soon.

The weather this fall has seen a bit more rain than usual for harvest time, but the temperatures have been largely mild and pleasant.  If you believe the national weather service, we should experience a winter that is a warmer and dryer than normal.  We'll see. 

Winter annual weeds seem to be coming along fine.  Along with our usual covering of henbit, we are getting good populations of poa and chickweed.  If we pick the right spots, I believe we also have some pretty good cutleaf eveningprimrose and horseweed populations to work with.

We are very thankful to all of you that allowed Diligence Technologies to be part of your research program over the past year.  We wish you and your families a safe and blessed Christmas season.

Proverbs 22:29

Seest thou a man diligent in his business?  He shall stand before kings…