Sunday, December 2, 2018

Research Update (December 3, 2018)

Research Update (December 3, 2018)

 Diligence Technologies Inc., West Tennessee

Meeting season is officially underway as we head to Milwaukee for the NCWSS meeting with many more meetings to come in early 2019.  Let us know where you plan to be and we will make it a point catch up.

North Central Weed Science Society, DEC 3-6, Milwaukee, WI

NAICC, JAN 16-19, Savannah, GA

Cotton & Rice Conference, JAN 30-FEB 1, Baton Rouge, LA

Southern Weed Science Society, FEB 3-6, Oklahoma City, OK

Tennessee Ag Production Association, FEB 20, Jackson, TN

Mid-South Farm & Gin Show, MAR 1-2, Memphis, TN

The 2018 harvest started off in good shape with most plots coming out of the field a little bit earlier than normal aided by the warm summer that accelerated crop maturity.  However, things came to halt as frequent October and November showers made it difficult to get equipment into the fields.  Corn harvest was not impacted and we were very fortunate to finish cotton harvest just prior to the rains starting.  Like many of the growers in the area, we were not able to finish off soybeans prior to the wet weather and harvest of the remaining soybean plots was delayed by several weeks.  We did finally get a small harvest window just prior to Thanksgiving that allowed us to finish off harvest for this season.

Winter wheat has also suffered from frequent showers that made wheat planting difficult.  We did manage to get our wheat planted, but wet ground and cold temperatures have resulted in a crop off to slow start.

As temperatures drop, the heated greenhouse becomes an evermore appealing option.  Annual start-up maintenance is complete and we currently have ample space to add your greenhouse projects.  Let us know how we can help you continue to generate the data you need through the winter months.

Cold and wet has been the story for most of November making it difficult to do much of anything in the field.  We have managed to harvest our last soybean trials, plant wheat, and spray fall burndown trials but none of it has been particularly easy as we struggled to find locations dry enough for most any field activity.  We are very thankful that we have been able to keep our fall projects moving under difficult conditions.

It seems that we see a lot of same weeds germinating each fall, but the species that dominates the landscape varies with the weather.  Last fall, henbit was everywhere.  While we still have henbit this season, we are seeing a lot more cutleaf eveningprimrose and pennycress than normal.  If you happen to be targeting either of these species this winter or next spring, we have you covered.


We would like to offer our sincere thanks to those who helped make 2018 such a successful year at Diligence Technologies.  We are grateful for the customers and friends (those are mostly the same people by the way) that trusted us with their research needs.  We hope that you and your families have a blessed Christmas season.
Proverbs 10:4

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