Sunday, April 7, 2013

Season Progress:

Corn planting is off to slow start.  Cool temperatures along with frequent rains  have delayed land preparation and planting.  Hope to have a few good days early this week for field work, but rain is expected again by Wednesday night.

Research Opportunities:

Wheat growth has been slow this spring, meaning that we still have time for anyone needing wheat fungicide trials.  We generally expect sceptoria leaf spot and fusarium head scab.  If we start planning now, we can still make applications by the flag leaf stage.

We have horseweed (glyphosate resistant) as well as other burndown weeds that can be evaluated in burndown trials.  We need to get these going pretty quickly before the horseweed gets too large.

With the delayed corn planting for west Tennessee this season, we still have time to set up corn trials and be pretty much on the same schedule as everyone else.  Let me know if you have any last-moment corn needs.

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